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Creating Comfort

The effectiveness of CHOICES for Positive Youth Relationships depends largely upon the comfort level and sense of safety achieved within the learning environment. Consider the following ideas when you are introducing a program about abuse prevention.

Violence knows no boundaries and youth have knowledge and experience, often very different than adults. A discussion about abuse may be an emotional, perhaps frightening place for some students.

As the facilitator, it is your responsibility to model inclusiveness, acceptance, respect and empathy. Recognize the diversity within your community and enlist the support of the community. The program may need to be adapted to best meet the special needs of your students.

Examine personal assumptions and attitudes. Each of us brings our own set of values and experiences to any discussion about violence.

Respect confidentiality but know your legal responsibilities to report abuse. Establish classroom guidelines with so that a safe and respectful atmosphere is maintained.

Good facilitation skills include the ability to assist, lead, challenge, empower. Ask questions rather than giving answers.

Recognize that pain is often expressed as anger, crying, inattentiveness, disruptive behaviour or withdrawal.

Disclosures will inevitably occur. A calm and caring response is sometimes all that is needed. Remember to listen without judgement and empower not rescue. Refer to professional school or community resources.

Collaborative teamwork is essential to the successful delivery and follow-up of this program. Take time to develop liaisons and support from your school administration, school support services, community services and with youth leaders who may serve as co-facilitators.Respect your class with adequate preparation. Read the provided background information and investigate additional resources. Check any required AV equipment and prepare all classroom materials in advance.

Relax and enjoy a very meaningful learning opportunity!

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