Choices for Positive Youth Relationships kids

Choices for Positive Youth Relationships combines the award-winning National Film Board documentary A Love That Kills with a six-lesson, curriculum-based Instructional Guide. Choices for Positive Youth Relationships recognizes that abuse is not gender specific and broadens the definition of relationship to include friendships, family, team-mates, and co-workers.

Through a variety of discussions and activities, youth have the opportunity to identify warning signs symptomatic to abusive relationships, develop skills and strategies to sustain positive relationships, and connect to supportive community resources.

Choices for Positive Youth Relationships has been successfully implemented in secondary and senior elementary classrooms, or within community organizations. The Choices for Positive Youth Relationship Instructional Guide includes information on:

Implementation Models
Community Collaboration
Creating a Comfort Zone
Effective Support When Disclosure Occurs
Alternative and Extension Activities
Assessment and Evaluation

One or two-day Facilitator Training Seminars may be scheduled with the Speers Society.