Once we know the warning signs of violence in relationships, we can begin to understand how to find help for ourselves and our friends.

Are You At Risk?

Have you ever felt scared of her/his temper?
Do you need to justify everything you do, everywhere you go, and everyone you see to avoid his/her anger?
Are you afraid to end the relationship because s/he has threatened to hurt you, your family, friend or pet?
Does your friend blame you when s/he becomes angry?
Do you have to defend or apologize for his/her behaviour to your friends or family?
Do you feel like you have to “walk on eggshells” so s/he won’t get mad?
Have you been kept away from your friends or family?
Are you afraid to say no to your friend?
Have you ever been hit, pushed, grabbed, kicked, and/or shoved?
Has your friend thrown things at you?
Are you criticized for how you look, talk, or dress?
Does s/he make fun of something that you feel vulnerable about?
Are you forced into sexual activity that you are uncomfortable with?
Can you go out, get a job, join a club/team without his/her permission?
Have you ever been humiliated or “put down” in front of your friends?
Do you stay because you feel you can change or help her/him?
Do you feel you cannot tell anyone because either they won’t believe you or they will think you are stupid to stay?


Do you have a quick temper?
Have you ever threatened your friend to get what you want?
Have you ever thrown or broken things in anger in front of your friend?
Are you jealous if s/he spends time with others?
Do you criticize your friend’s appearance?
Do you become angry if s/he has different thoughts or feelings than you do?
Do you need to know where s/he is and with whom?
Have you ever threatened that you will harm her/his friend or pet?
Have you ever forced her/him to perform sexually?
Have you ever suggested that you might hurt yourself or commit suicide if s/he ends the relationship?
Do you tease or make fun of your friend or the way s/he talks or looks?
Do you call him/her names?
Do you tell your friend that s/he is too sensitive when s/he gets upset at something you have done or said?
Do you feel your friend makes you angry?
Does your friend seem afraid of you?
Do you make most of the decisions?
Have you ever tried to make your friend feel guilty in order to get what you want?
Have you ever shoved, kicked, hit or punched your friend?
Have you ever broken or taken something out of spite that s/he treasures?