emotional abuse

Physical Abuse is the most obvious to identify. It includes hitting slapping, pushing, kicking, shoving, pinching, choking, pulling hair, scratching, or biting. Physical assault may also include throwing objects, inflicting burns or using weapons.

Sexual Abuse often starts with demeaning jokes, sexual name-calling, and unwanted touching. It includes any forced sexual activity or coercion into activity that the victim is uncomfortable with, excessive jealousy, sexual accusations, or flaunting of other relationships. It is often accompanied by violence or the threat of violence.

psychological abuse

Psychological Abuse affects our feelings. It includes verbal abuse and name-calling, put downs, ridicule, and humiliation, which lead to poor self-esteem, and feelings of low worthiness. It includes fear by threats against the victim or her/his loved ones, threats of suicide, or blackmail. It can take the form of reckless driving, playing with a weapon, or hurting pets. The insidious and unpredictable element of psychological abuse erodes judgement and decision-making ability.

Psychological or emotional abuse includes trying to make you feel bad in public, making fun of you, keeping you away from your family, friends, neighbours and other day-to-day contacts and keeping you shut up at home. This is all about controlling who you see, how you think and where you go. Psychological abuse may also include controlling what you read and how you dress, or being rude to your family and/or friends. Making you do things that are illegal and threatening to report you to police or welfare services are other ways of keeping control.

Psychological abuse includes taking your money, restricting what you buy or stopping you from getting a job or getting at money. This is to make you depend on the other person for money.