Abuse is not restricted to intimate relationships. The misuse of power – intimidation, isolation, humiliation, fear, threats, putdowns – may also be evident in friendships, families or workplace.

How can my organization contribute to the Choices program at my local school?

Violence prevention programs are most successful when they model a collaborative and cooperative approach. It is critical that we give our youth the message that there is a whole community who cares about them and can offer information and support to them.

As a community organization that respects youth, you can offer valuable support, both to the educators and to the youth. Educators will be most appreciative of your experience and expertise on this subject and may encourage you to co-facilitate. We want to encourage youth to reach out to community resources so that safe and positive relationship choices can be sustained.

Can I offer this program at the community level?

Any organization who wishes to assist youth to develop safe and positive interpersonal relationships can use this step-by-step program. It may be presented within your organization or you may wish to contact your local school and offer to take the lead facilitator role in the classroom.

Is there training available?

The CHOICES for Positive Youth Relationships program was designed so facilitators have a relevant and effective resource that does not necessitate additional training. The Facilitator Guide includes 6 step-by-step lessons, facilitator background notes, alternative or optional activities, assessment suggestions and a comprehensive list of resources. In addition, we suggest how to build a community support network, create a comfortable learning environment and handle disclosures effectively.

However the Speers Society is available for training workshops, speaking engagements, or can provide a training CD Rom for in-service.