What you will find


In each lesson plan, you will find:

Each lesson is built
around a single theme. reflected in the title.

Specific goals
for each lesson
are identified.

A list of required
handouts and any
equipment required.

Total time required to complete the lesson.

A quick reference to
the type of learning
approach suggested
and to the time
allotment necessary.

Choices for Positive Youth Relationships Lessons

Extended or Optional Activities:
This section gives additional suggestions for class activities, independent study, and initiatives for the class, whole-school or community. Educators may wish to substitute one of these suggestions for the designated activities.We hope they will also be used as a springboard to further ideas.

Message for the Day:
Each lesson includes a message relating to the theme and goals of the lesson. Educators may wish to draw attention to it by printing and posting it on a classroom bulletin board.


Procedure Steps
A step-by-step guide for facilitators to follow is presented

Reproducible black-line masters of student handouts are provided for some lesson plans. Educators are also welcome to make copies of any relevant information from the Recommended Reading material.
Recommended Reading
Important background information for each lesson is provided to prepare facilitators for discussion and activities.