Implementation Update

  • Saskatchewan Learning conducted an evaluation for the purpose of selecting appropriate learning resources. "Choices for Positive Youth Relationships" has been recommended and listed as a Learning Resource for all Saskatchewan High Schools
  • "Choices for Positive Youth Relationships" across North West Territories and Nunavut...
    Speers Society in-serviced:
    • 40 professionals attended an in-service training in Iqaluit - Nunavut
    • 45 professionals attended an in-service training in Yellowknife - North West Territories
    • 15 professionals attended an in-service training in Fort Smith - North West Territories
  • British Columbia: province-wide implementation - 520 schools
  • Nova Scotia: province-wide implementation - 185 schools
  • Newfoundland: province-wide implementation - 196 schools
  • Ontario: 25 school boards, 310 schools
  • PEI: province-wide implementation - 29 schools
  • as well as many other schools in the remaining provinces.

Recommended Resource
Choices for Positive Youth Relationships has been approved as a recommended/authorized resource in the following provinces:

  • British Columbia Ministry of Education
  • Alberta Learning
  • Saskatchewan Learning
  • Manitoba Department of Education
  • New Brunswick Department of Education
  • Nova Scotia Department of Education
  • Prince Edward Island Department of Education
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education