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Ativan as a Stop Smoking Medication

A neighbor has been prescribed Lexapro and Ativan for a depression/anxiety issue.  So far she’s thinking that it’s working (and I think she seems much happier, to be honest.)  She smokes about a pack a day and has decided that it’s time to quit.  Has anyone else had experience quitting while on these medications?  I’ve heard that Ativan may help reduce nicotine cravings because of the way it works in the brain.  Her doctor said the only stop smoking medication he knows of is Chantix.

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  1. jet li Says:

    None of the medicines will work unless u ve confidence and strong will power to bare the withdrawal symtoms….
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  2. Snorkie Says:

    No the only prescription drug that works for smoking or to stop smoking is a pill called Zyban. It was also primarily used for depression and then they found out that it also helps people to stop smoking. Good Luck I have also decided never to smoke again 9 days ago…….without pills or anything. It is so hard, but I have made up my mind, too scared of cancer.
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  3. Bill Says:

    Actually snorkie you retatrded nimrod, speak from experience not theory, yes Ativan is the most effective drug to help you quit smoking. All Benzos help, but Ativan seems to help the most, and it is the longest acting, so you have to take it less often and that lessens the chance of becoming addicted to them—I know this from experience unlike that *&^% b4 me who just reciting propaganda

  4. Mike Nike Says:

    I take two zopiclone (sleeping pills) a day, two lorazepam a day, and three melatonin at bedtime. I also take two cal/mags, mulitivitamin, ginseng, and four times the normal dose of vitamin C and two coffee’s and consume lots of orange juice. I’m late into day two of quitting and I have absolutely no cigarette cravings what so ever.

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